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Fashion architecture company created
to offset the cost of the New York Fashion
Week runway shows. This company would
serve as the “behind the scenes” business
that creates pop-up shops near the site of
their client’s show. Customers will then be
able to go to these shops and buy one of
a kind items based on the trends the high
end brand showcases in their runway show.


View the full brand guideline here


A large part of any business is gaining and keeping clients. To obtain our clients, A La Mode will send
the potential client a promotional package consisting of few items to show their interest in partnering: 

Promotional Magazine
Magazine showcasing what our company
has to offer, and why we would like to partner

Virtual Reality Headset and Packaging
Our potential clients will be sent a branded
virtual reality headset in our branded box.
The clients will put on the headset to view
a past installation that we have created for
one of our other clients.

Virtual Reality Interior Space
Customers will be able to walk around and look at the items. The models will be on a platform about 5-6 ft.
off the ground. The customers will be able to feel the textures of the fabrics with the fabric samples under
each model. If the customer wants to buy a certain item, they will use the iPad to put in their information (name, email and phone number for item pickup purposes).

Once the customer is ready to checkout, they will walk up to the cash register and give the employee the name, phone number, and email that they used to place the order. A tailor will then come to the checkout counter to get measurements for all the items that the customer bought, and retrieve the items in the
back room for them. The customer will pay as the tailor goes to get the items from the back.


360 View Experience
This is a tool for customers to use to get more of an experience in the pop up shop. They will be able to scan a QR code at the pop up shop and it will bring up the 360 experience of the clothing being created and made.

Magazine Giveaway
This magazine would be a free take home item for the customers who come to our pop-up shop. They
might not have wanted to buy the lavish expensive items, but still want to take something home. This magazine would showcase elements of the year’s theme, as well as styles that are sold at the pop-up shop.